An annual gas safety certificate will ensure your installations and appliances are safe to use and compliant with gas safety regulations.

If you own or manage a property which is rented to a tenant, you have a legal obligation to ensure all gas appliances have an annual gas safety check, carried out by a professional gas safe registered company like Boiler Friendly Heating Services Ltd.

We work with a large number of landlords, letting agents and estate agents across Tyneside and the North East of England, to ensure their tenants have safe gas appliances in their home, this also ensures the gas appliance maximises its life expectancy as any small issues can be identified and dealt with before they become a larger, more expensive problem to solve, a real plus for landlords,

At Boiler Friendly Heating Services Ltd, we work with the landlord to remind them of a property which may have an annual gas safety check becoming due, we contact the tenant to arrange the appointment and send the certificate once completed. This makes the landlord’s life easier. With one less thing to worry about remembering to do, you can count on Boiler Friendly Heating Services Ltd